The School Discipline Committee is constituted for the maintenance of discipline in the School. The committee will ensure that students obey rules and remain orderly and peaceful in the pursuant of educational objectives/goals in the school community.

The discipline committee consists of the following members:

  • Principal
  • Administrator
  • Dean of students welfare and discipline
  • Meenakshi Pandey
  • Bhavya Saxena
  • Deepa Verma
  • Atul Singh

The Disciplinary Committee will look into the following functions under the guidance of the undersigned:-

  • To serve as model in terms of character training and behavior for students.
  • To assist the students in conforming to school rules and regulations.
  • To help students develop self-discipline.
  • To administer consequence commensurate with offence committed by any student.
  • To frame new school rules and regulations in consultation with the undersigned for the students behavioural aspect.
  • To promote and encourage good behaviour among the teachers and students.
  • To create an environment that is conducive to peaceful and harmonious co-existence of staff & students of different houses and grades.